Fantasy Quest 3


I attended Fantasy Quest 3, the 3rd annual Fantasy Quest event. It’s a convention that caters mostly to photographers and cosplayers, as it is held in a more grandiose venue more suited for photoshoots: Fernwood Gardens.


My friend Setsu’s awesome accessories store. (I don’t know why I haven’t snagged one of those floral spiked headbands yet.)


I’ve recently gotten into figure collecting, (another one out of Pandora’s box here, ugh) so I had to restrain my impulses like I was taming a wild horse when I caught sight of this booth.


Beautiful Disney girls with Ryan, a photographer whom I worked with countless times, but more recently on this Pokemon shoot.


One of my favorite local Samurai X cosplayers. Never got his name (the rush of conventions plus wig-induced migraines make your mind all blurry) but doesn’t he resemble Munetaka Aoki?


Lyron Aquino, a local craftsman extraordinaire! The make of his Bunny (from Tiger & Bunny) is amazingly detailed and rather flawless.


Some Homestuck, a character I am not familiar with, and a mori girl. Adorable colorful people.


Here’s what I wore. I cosplayed Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, the Black Blood/Demon Hunter version. That scythe (which I made to accommodate LED lights because I knew LED lights would make me feel boss and I was absolutely right about that) as you can probably tell, weighs like The Hulk, but I had immense fun accepting the challenge of its weight (worstened by the fact that the proportions of the blade are uneven so it’s also unstable) to come up with great shots, like this and this. I felt like a beast!

And that’s about it so far. Before writing this I kind of found my break week uneventful and terribly idle. Looking back, idle though it may have been, I spent it dressing up as my favorite heroes and having fun via major geekouts, as I usually do. Haha! That’s really not half bad at all!



  1. lazyweirdo

    I love your blog! 😀 I see we have a lot of similair interests 😀 (Fashion, Japan,…)
    I’ll definitely follow you! it would mean a lot to me if you could also support me! :3

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