A Death-ly Halloween


So there was this particular absolutely epic Halloween where I dressed up as Death from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, and surrendered myself to a night of pure awesome with a ragtag team of misfits. From left to right, the party I partied with included: myself as Death, Ejay as Loki, Jussy as Poison Ivy, Caisa as a dead native american girl, Cara as a gypsy, Micah as a pirate, Jeffrey as Prince Zuko. Our great leader, Red as Pechay Punane the Drag Queen (now known as Sheena Steela or however the hell that’s spelled) is up front.


Here’s a closer shot of my makeup and costume. I haphazardly made the ankh necklace out of some leftover polymer clay that had gone bad, so needless to say I trashed it as soon as I was done with the night (or rather, morning, if you know what I mean.. Hahaha.) I realized way too late that I put the swirl mark on the WRONG EYE, but whatever. I cosplay, so there’s always gonna be another opportunity to wear this costume. This was also my first time to slick some body paint on myself, and it was a sticky, messy load of fun. I got subdued white marks all over everything and everyone, but tons more people than expected recognized the character and complimented the costume, which felt insane. I guess figuratively and literally left a mark on that night! Hardy har har.

photo 1

This was what the crowd was like that night. Crummy iPhone photo, my apologies– doesn’t do any justice to how wicked everyone looked. Gotta love Halloween though; it’s the only time of the year where everyone is on full theatrical mode and a friendly, gorgeous darkness stains the air with clouds of fantasy and folly.


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