Divisoria 168 Mall Haul

Mom had to run some errands in Divisoria and I thought I’d tag along and see if I could plunder some treasure from the ultimate wasteland of cheap thrills. I was not disappointed at all. Thought I’d share my haul with you! All of the following finds are from 168 Mall.


Crop tops, an Anime eyes shirt (the print’s inverted, but it only slightly bothers me; been looking all over for something like this!) and short shorts, which I will never ever have enough of. Each piece was below P500.


I never knew an “I’ll get them in every color” moment until I saw these headbands on wholesale for P60 each. I died over how gloriously tasteful and adorable the colors, fabrics and patterns were despite being so cheap! Gotta give a girl a break and let her go bonkers over cute bows sometimes.


So excited to use this baby for future shows or events! It’s a portable makeup train case that can store everything, from my makeup brush kit and even my hair tools –or rather, my only hair tool: my curling wand. But it fits my bottles of hair products as well! I really like that it’s long as opposed to thick, and that it’s fabric, which not only makes it washable, but quite lightweight as well! I’m still not over how well it fits absolutely everything I need to get dolled up for pretty much any occasion. It was my most expensive purchase at P1,500, but I think it’s also the best bang for my buck.

(PS, the painting you see at the back is a portrait a good friend drew of me, back when I had red hair.)


I also managed to upgrade my makeup brush armory, with replicas of both the beauty blender and the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow brush, as well as a teasing comb, an angled blush brush to use for bronzers, and a new stippling brush. Each was below P150. These are the last bits of my Divisoria loot.

A haul’s just gratuitous bragging if I ain’t letting you in on where I scored my finds, so: the next time you go to 168 Mall in search of cool clothes, I suggest you make a beeline for the top floor, where the food court is. That’s where the trendier street style stores are. The best makeup store in the entire mall, which is where I got my new tools from, is on the ground floor, near the exit to Sta. Elena street, the side that’s either the 1st or 2nd farthest away from the mall with the 7/11 (I know these are horrible directions. Haha!) you’ll spot it straight away, anyway, it’s chock full of train cases up front and … Very pink.

Hope your next visit to Divisoria makes you go as crazy as mine did to me! 😉


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