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Toycon 2014


Late post! Been busy, the usual. Even on the day of Toycon itself, I was too busy to prepare an actual cosplay. Donned a Spyro kigurumi instead!


Ber in her 2nd ever cosplay; a perfect Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service!





Star Wars Rebels promo booth. Got extra free posters because the dude manning the booth appreciated my fangirling. Haha!



The moving, beeping Artoo (which I believe was made locally by a Philippine droid builders’ club) taking a break.


I know jack squat about cars and racing, but in another life I could be down with being a podracer! …Provided that I also get to be a Jedi.


Spyro cosplaying as super kawaii Peter Dinklage.






 A wild Bym appeared; this was his first convention too! And soon thereafter we headed back home to get some work done.


Kinda Freakin’ Awesome

So life’s actually been pretty damn cool for such an uncool little hermit girl like me. I’m kind of fangirling over the things that have been happening, which’ve been, as the title says, kinda freakin’ awesome. I’ve been busy dealing and working with the said awesomeness, but I have a bit of downtime today, so here are some of my favorite April/May moments:


Last April, the unthinkable happened: two of my usually very distant worlds collided! My good theatre friends attended a cosplay convention with me! Two of them even cosplayed for the very first time. My young padawans did very, very well. That’s Dar and Ber, two of my greatest friends from blueREP, cosplaying Luffy and Nami One Piece. Ejay, on my left, tagged along at the last minute and bought tons of awesome geeky trinkets. He’s also a friend from blueREP, but he and I are active in the professional theatre scene now (wohoo!) The Ryoga to my Ranma is Billie, one of my high school best friends and one of the last people from my high-school-best-friend-cosplay-group who still goes to conventions and cosplays with me to this day.


It was a great first convention for my theatre friends, because together we witnessed a Deadpool cosplayer performing Let It Go from Frozen, complete with Elsa gown costume change! I found the performance on youtube, too. It was hilarious, and the best part is, it would totally make sense for Deadpool to do something like this.


Later on, a little Anna cosplayer joined him on stage and they re-enacted the For The First Time in Forever reprise!! This is going to be one of my favorite convention memories in a long time.


The 1st of May was met with my 2nd cosplay competition judging stint ever at Best of Anime Summer Edition. I’ve declined a few previous requests to judge and/or host at various cosplay events due to theatre-related schedule conflicts, so it feels good to have finally made room for this! Plus I got to watch a legit JPop act called Starmarie. They had Japanese fans that flew to the Philippines just to watch them perform. That was pretty intriguing.


My new phone case is one of those little things you own that make you happy just by looking at them. It was made by Dar’s sister (Dar is the Luffy cosplayer in the first photo!) and is painted entirely with nail polish! In case you can’t recognize the character, that’s Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen– who is my ultimate Disney princess soulmate– in her “For The First Time In Forever” dress.


I may be unworthy young but I’m ready! Look ma, my huge crush on Tom Hiddleston was published on local news! I was recently given the honor of being included in Young Star’s 2014 Fresh Produce, an annual list that features the latest of Manila’s emerging young talents. Hold up, uhh, damn what? Me? An “emerging young talent”? Since freaking when? You can’t even begin to fathom my overwhelmed-ness and disbelief, but I’m totally grateful and I promise I won’t let Young Star down. You can read the full article and check out the full list of uber talented kids here.


I just finished my first week of Rollerblades training for Tanghalang Pilipino’s Sandosenang Sapatos, too! It’s my 2nd professional show after Cinderella. Sometimes I catch myself thinking: I’m doing it! I can’t believe I’m really doing pro theatre! (And then it starts to feel like I’ve been displaced into an alternate universe..)


I have a terrible sense of balance, so Rollerblading’s been tough but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my learning curve thus far. I mean, it isn’t the best but it’s still way better than what I expected from myself. Maybe it’s ’cause I learned how to skateboard beforehand…? But anyway, the fact that this is my first foray into Filipino material is something I’m dang psyched about, and I’m happy to be working with actors from a wide variety of backgrounds/companies. So many new things are happening, and it’s all because of theatre! Actually, theatre makes me do/try new things every single time. That’s one of the reasons why I love it so dearly.


I also attended the Young Star Prom (though I’ll always feel way too uncool for these media parties) with THE Ejay Yatco. He’s technically my first prom date ever– I’m a little late in the game, but when your first prom date is a musical genius informally hailed as the Ryan Cayabyab of our generation, I still feel like a winner!


The theme was prom Kla$$Y which actually meant go in something ratchet. I didn’t wanna wear a “trashy/revealing” outfit, so Ejay and I opted for a wannabe prince/princess-of-Bel-Air look. I think we look pretty convincing as tasteless, spoiled kids.


Another thing that’s been making me happy: a (finally restocked) set of makeup basics that’s been unlocking my inner makeup geek! I think I’ve found some makeup products I’m going to be sticking with for life– err, until I find better products. No absolute commitment guaranteed. Haha! I don’t like wearing makeup everyday, and I don’t like looking “made-up,” so these are the products I’ve been using when I feel obliged to decorate my face but don’t want it to look like fondant cake, and don’t want the hassles of retouching. In short, heavy duty, natural-looking war paint! Clockwise from the top right: 1) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 415 Pink In The Afternoon (the prettiest nude pink. Like the pink you think of when you think of ballerinas!), 2) 3CE Lip Lacquer in Pink Boom, 3) Canmake Smooth Skin Primer, 4) Milani Liquid Eye, 5) Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation (my personal holy grail foundation! Does a great job and doesn’t break me out!), 6) Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso (a Nars Orgasm dupe!), 7) Revlon in Super Lustrous Lipstick in 535 Rum Raisin (a brown-red for days you want a stronger lip without having to plunge into a bright red), 8) 3CE Eye Brightener in Ivory Beige.

Whew, that’s it so far. I remember February to March being an anxiety-filled set of months for me. I was going through all sorts of auditions and interviews at the time, putting on my best possible brave face amidst all the uncertainty and insecurity and trying very hard to make the coming months something I would be proud of… It feels surreal to admit, but I think I’ve succeeded. (Which means my brave face has been getting braver. Awwwyeah) But I actually may have kiiind of overloaded my schedule… Even better! Ain’t no rest for the awkweird wicked though, I’ve gotta keep up the persistence and consistence. Aight, downtime over. Back to work play now!

A Death-ly Halloween


So there was this particular absolutely epic Halloween where I dressed up as Death from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, and surrendered myself to a night of pure awesome with a ragtag team of misfits. From left to right, the party I partied with included: myself as Death, Ejay as Loki, Jussy as Poison Ivy, Caisa as a dead native american girl, Cara as a gypsy, Micah as a pirate, Jeffrey as Prince Zuko. Our great leader, Red as Pechay Punane the Drag Queen (now known as Sheena Steela or however the hell that’s spelled) is up front.


Here’s a closer shot of my makeup and costume. I haphazardly made the ankh necklace out of some leftover polymer clay that had gone bad, so needless to say I trashed it as soon as I was done with the night (or rather, morning, if you know what I mean.. Hahaha.) I realized way too late that I put the swirl mark on the WRONG EYE, but whatever. I cosplay, so there’s always gonna be another opportunity to wear this costume. This was also my first time to slick some body paint on myself, and it was a sticky, messy load of fun. I got subdued white marks all over everything and everyone, but tons more people than expected recognized the character and complimented the costume, which felt insane. I guess figuratively and literally left a mark on that night! Hardy har har.

photo 1

This was what the crowd was like that night. Crummy iPhone photo, my apologies– doesn’t do any justice to how wicked everyone looked. Gotta love Halloween though; it’s the only time of the year where everyone is on full theatrical mode and a friendly, gorgeous darkness stains the air with clouds of fantasy and folly.

My First CosplayMania


Last October 5, I attended my first Cosplay Mania. This convention has always been hailed as one of the best, if not the best anime/manga/cosplay event in the metro, but I’ve always been unable to attend because of the various workings of fate’s crafty little hands. I’m so glad I got to attend this time, and have a pitstop in the form of my friend Billie and her friends’ art booth: McFoodie!


I hoarded all of the Shingeki No Kyojin stickers. All. Of. Them. x__x


Oh yes– I didn’t mention that we were dressed up as Ranma (female) and Ryoga from one of our childhood favorite anime, the classic Ranma 1/2! Here’s a photo of us posing with an adorable little male Ranma cosplayer (who even brought a Kettle.) If this kid watches Ranma, parenting skills +9000 to his mom! (Although I hope she filters out some of the more R18 scenes.)


Found some good cosplay friends who went as the CGI world’s new heroes: Hiccup, Merida and Jack Frost (These guys have been hanging out with us at conventions since high school, particularly Tish, the PERFECT Merida cosplayer!)


It’s been 2 weeks since Cinderella opened. And it’s been one of the best rides of my life! I’m incredibly grateful to be working with such funny, talented and positive people– I learned tons from them and so I gave them a tangible manifestation of my love on opening night:  these glass slipper cookies! Two boxes full for the cast and crew who are more magical than fairy dust because they make fairytales come alive in the real world.

After our first gala night, we cleaned up and had cocktails with the audience and other important people. (well the Stepfamily had to clean up at least, we were not gonna go out with our stage makeup on. My post-wig hair refused to cooperate with me, though.)

Anyway, here are some of the snapshots I squeezed in last night.





And I’m done here. 😀 That’s all, folks! *Cue Bugs Bunny voice and Looney Tunes ending sequence.*

Fantasy Quest 3


I attended Fantasy Quest 3, the 3rd annual Fantasy Quest event. It’s a convention that caters mostly to photographers and cosplayers, as it is held in a more grandiose venue more suited for photoshoots: Fernwood Gardens.


My friend Setsu’s awesome accessories store. (I don’t know why I haven’t snagged one of those floral spiked headbands yet.)


I’ve recently gotten into figure collecting, (another one out of Pandora’s box here, ugh) so I had to restrain my impulses like I was taming a wild horse when I caught sight of this booth.


Beautiful Disney girls with Ryan, a photographer whom I worked with countless times, but more recently on this Pokemon shoot.


One of my favorite local Samurai X cosplayers. Never got his name (the rush of conventions plus wig-induced migraines make your mind all blurry) but doesn’t he resemble Munetaka Aoki?


Lyron Aquino, a local craftsman extraordinaire! The make of his Bunny (from Tiger & Bunny) is amazingly detailed and rather flawless.


Some Homestuck, a character I am not familiar with, and a mori girl. Adorable colorful people.


Here’s what I wore. I cosplayed Maka Albarn from Soul Eater, the Black Blood/Demon Hunter version. That scythe (which I made to accommodate LED lights because I knew LED lights would make me feel boss and I was absolutely right about that) as you can probably tell, weighs like The Hulk, but I had immense fun accepting the challenge of its weight (worstened by the fact that the proportions of the blade are uneven so it’s also unstable) to come up with great shots, like this and this. I felt like a beast!

And that’s about it so far. Before writing this I kind of found my break week uneventful and terribly idle. Looking back, idle though it may have been, I spent it dressing up as my favorite heroes and having fun via major geekouts, as I usually do. Haha! That’s really not half bad at all!